The Strap

Recently I acquired a new guitar – a nice instrument built in 2015 by Martin Šuk, a luthier from Poděbrady in Central Bohemia. A new instrument usualy inspires its owner to increased practising and in my case it had also led to a renewed pondering on how to hold the guitar. As the use of the footstool damages my lower spine and various supports don’t feel stable enough, I had come to a guitar strap.*)

Although nowadays I play exclusively with the strap either standing or sitting I have realized that perhaps the most interesting aspect of the strap is that it enables you to play in the standing position without drilling any holes into the body of an expensive guitar.

*) The technical solution is protected by registered utility model “Popruh pro klasickou kytaru” No. 32 281, application No. 2018-35289.


They said about the strap:

I have been using Michal’s strap for several months and I think that it represents an outstanding variant to the usual sitting position while practicing. The change of posture and the possibility to move freely while playing is very refreshing. I regard the strap as a very interesting and fecund invention.

Pavel Steidl, The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (HAMU)


I have been playing guitar for 58 years and I had tried many ways of how to hold and suport guitar – various footstools, guitar supports and also straps. At last somebody came with a solution that enables playing both in sitting and standing position while exercising all guitar techniques. It suites all classical guitar types and does not require installing any knobs. The leather loop that embraces the guitar is elegant and gentle. I have spent many hours playing with this strap and I have never been more satisfied with the stability of the instrument. I guess that Mauro Giuliani himself would have used this tool enthusiastically.

Václav Kučera, Head of the Guitar Department at The Prague Conservatory


An example of how to use the strap in its embryonic form can be seen here.



The strap’s newest development:






As a practising option the strap is favoured by the world famous guitar virtuoso Pavel Steidel.














The strap is favoured by the Head of the Guitar Department of the Prague Conservatory and the founding member of the Prague Guitar Quartet Václav Kučera













During the international Open Guitar Festival 2019 the strap attracted attention of the Italian guitarist and composer  Marco Ramelli