Mostly original pieces. The recording reflects the real sound of the Michal Hromek Consort quartet. Featured are two instrumental cover versions of Jethro Tull songs.

1 INTRADA Michal Hromek 2:56
Two Piesces from Merry England
2 WONDERING ALOUD Ian Anderson /adapted by M.H. 2:39
3 ACRES WILD Ian Anderson /adapted by M.H. 3:14
4 ARABESQUE Michal Hromek 3:46
American(s) in Prague
5 LOS INCAS Michal Hromek 3:21
6 THE GRINGOS Michal Hromek 3:30
Consort Music
7 DANZA #1 Michal Hromek 4:52
8 OSTINATO Michal Hromek 3:35
9 INTERLUDE Michal Hromek 1:42
10 DANZA #2 Michal Hromek 2:25
Consort’s Irish Farewell (to John Renbourn & Robin Williamson)
11 REYNARDINE trad., arr. Michal Hromek 3:13
12 THE CURRAGH OF KILDARE trad., arr. Michal Hromek 4:22


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